Outdoor Cooking is Espacio Verde’s New Dining Experience

Feast in Style – A new outdoor dining experience is coming this summer at Espacio Verde Resort. This is a great experience for the locals and tourists alike to enjoy a whole new level of dining in the seafood capital of the Philippines. A new standard of food-tripping in the province of Capiz, this is the first restaurant outlet in the area where customer can cook their ordered foods in style.

This new set-up of dining at Espacio Verde Resort will be held at Veranda, an outdoor area within the resort which is perfect for food-tripping, family bonding and peaceful retreat as it sits alongside a serene flowing lagoon and surrounded by verdant trees, and vibrant flowering plants.




The food set-up is simple. You just have to order foods from their already prepared and marinated food selections of meats, seafoods, and veggies. There are set meals which is good for group of 4-5 persons while there are also food choices for 1 or 2 person. You can cook your ordered foods in style whether you want it grilled, fried, or in a hotpot with Espacio Verde’s hot induction machine embedded in the center of your dining table. What’s more exciting is that you can cook your foods while having chat with your friends, family members or any acquaintance you had. This also a perfect set up for couples who wants to share relaxing moments with each other while keeping the atmosphere refreshing and romantic at the same time. Staffs are also available whenever you’ll be needing any assistance.




As Espacio Verde’s dare to raise the standard of dining experience in the province of Capiz, it also aims to provide a peaceful environments for its diners where they can spend precious moments with the people that they value in their lives. A relaxing environmental set-up where one can enjoy dining, cook foods while spending quality time and making special moments worth remembering with their loved ones, friends or family.

This is your outdoor dining experience with pleasure for the eyes, heart and your taste buds.

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